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Is it still an insurrection if they deny it?

or Actions speak louder than words.

In February 2024, We look back on several years when illusions ruled. I suggest that we look to the leader who guided us through our last great challenge, the Civil War (oxymoron intended).
Hopefully it will not be as unpleasant as it was in his time.

We at TheWorkFM will be working to Raise the Bar, to Return to a better normal, maybe getting closer to greatness.

Very Few People really liked the orange guy, but many joined his call to trash the government that unlimited money has created.

And since Capital is our de-facto bottom line and the economy where we all meet, maybe we could take an idea from the New Testament and Drive the money-changers from our money temple.

That means dealing with the Money in the Supreme Court, and every other compromised government entity from the Post Office to the FDA .

If capital is our bottom line and the government is the ref, let’s make it a fair game.

Capitalism may be a lousy religion, moral code and ethics system but it has rules and we are not holding the Captains of Capital to the rules of their own game.

One major example is Externalized cost:

Externalized costs are how companies make profit. They minimize their spending by cost externalizing, which is basically a fancy term for the company offloading “indirect costs” on the public or the environment. We pay for the clean-up or for the social progams needed by underpaid employees.

How we chose and evaluate politicians is also lacking.

Elected leaders should promise to improve the lives of their constituents not their donors – or resign. Period.

And taking an oath to a historical document doesn’t help elected officials get better results. We should add some measure of competency.

Politicians can be separated into two camps. Those who see a problem and look for solutions until it is solved, and those who see in every problem a chance for profit, or can be sold on someone else’s scheme to profit.

In fact there are so many flaws in our government in 2024 that it overwhelms the average citizen and either paralyzes them or makes them cynical. People who like the game of politics as played are probably in it for the wrong reasons.

So at WRWK we will be working to find and bring you the stories of average heroes who could live among you. People who decided to be a part of the solution.

If you already follow us you know that our content is full of genuine problem solvers. This spring we will also work to bring you more of the playbook side.

The Bottom line is still that in our 50 to 100 years here, we can either help improve things or do nothing, or get in the way.

At WRWK we choose to be useful.

My motto is to “vote early and often”.

We can also vote for the world we want with every dollar we spend and everything we do. At least the world around us will get a little better.



Following the lead of Jack Schuler, we could all take the Lincoln Pledge:


With malice toward none

With an open mind and an open heart

I pledge to follow the better angel of my nature

In order to secure a lasting American future

To deeply listen to the other side

To do all that I can to bridge

The current political divide

I seek not to persuade

I seek only to share

How much I care

you will find the Lincoln Pledge here

Modest Holiday Wishes


Let’s make the Holidays Great again by not passing the debt on to our kids.

The holidays we think of at this time of year , were actually celebrated thousands of years before any religions claimed them. Even to primitive life forms, sunlight means warmth and food. And just as surely, early humans noticed the sun’s motion and prepared for days with less sun, and looked forward to longer days when life re-emerged.

Civilization has made astounding progress in the last few hundred years, by capturing and using millions of years of stored sunlight. It has made us materially powerful but not any wiser.

In fact we are headed back into the climate that millions of years of capturing carbon took us out of. While many of us understand what is happening, the habits of extravagant energy consumption run deep in our lives, and in our built environment. Those habits even affect our responses to the changes we know are needed. This makes all of us passive bystanders as our civilization collides with the “climate tax”, climate refugees and the usual crisis carpet baggers.

As we face the changes ahead, we recall the stages of Grief (






Whatever stage you find yourself on at any moment, realize that everyone else was on that energy binge and will be in one of those stages too. We were all victims and perpetrators, and we need to reach deep into our holiday spirit to help each other make it through the post-binge slump.

No wonder MAGA resonated with so many people: the era of “Great” came out of our children’s inheritance. This also explains the popularity of Jewish, Moslem and Christian Death Cults in these “Last Days” of our energy binge.

It will get easier as the deniers lose credibility but distractors and carpet-baggers are always there to turn social losses into personal profit.

Be generous but avoid the “Great Again” myth. We all had a good time, now we can clean up our mess, move on, and make way for the solutions of 2024 . The solutions must include care for the generations that will inherit what we leave behind.

It’s a great time to practice the holiday spirit that helps us all get through the lean times.

Happy Holidays!

Teri Kanefield has a great explanation for The work we have to do in 2023. These are the things we should be talking about. Here’s a teaser:


“The Misinformation-Outrage Cycle, Part 1: “There are no Yankees here!”

Plato argued that democracy was inferior to other forms of government, including monarchy, aristocracy, and oligarchy because democracy—by its very nature—undermines the expertise necessary for good governance. This is summary of Plato’s thoughts is from the Stanford Dictionary of Philosophy:

Most people do not have the kinds of intellectual talents that enable them to think well about the difficult issues that politics involves. But in order to win office or get a piece of legislation passed, politicians must appeal to these people’s sense of what is right or not right. Hence, the state will be guided by very poorly worked out ideas that experts in manipulation and mass appeal use to help themselves win office.

Democracy requires an educated population able to analyze the implications of government policies. It requires voters to look beyond their own interests and consider the interests of society as a whole. It requires people who are aware of the appeal of a demagogue and can withstand that appeal.

This cannot happen if people do not have accurate information.

The British philosopher A.N. Whitehead famously commented that the history of Western thought “consists of a series of footnotes to Plato.”

This brings us to the question: Will America prove Plato wrong? Or will America’s experiment in self-governance prove to be another footnote to Plato?”

Link to Teri’s site, the rest of this article and all her work:

I intend to make the most aspirational idea in Human History Work.

That’s why I am at TheWorkFM.


The Fall of 2023

2023 is the year for change, not that anyone wants change but that we need to change or we’ll destroy the place and each other.

The second world war demonstrated how much damage a few anti-social types in powerful positions can create.

At that time there were reasons for chosing powerful uncaring people. As my dad used to say Hitler was a german solution to run-away inflation. Desparate people do desparate things, and once you get used to collateral damage, genocide is just around the corner.

Humans are social animals, we work well in groups covering for each other in more and more complex ways, one the next thing you know we have created computers, airplanes, medicine, art, websites about almost anything.

Our Mirror Neurons make civilization possible just as our reptilian hindbrain keep us a few bad days away from the next conflict.

No two ways about it, War is out of style, no longer useful. Like the gold rush and the rush to bitcoin, converting or killing for your man-in-the-sky.

Life is about life, we are either helping or we are not. That is how humans need to keep score.

In 20, 30, 40,90 years we will all yield back our physical forms and leave behind only what we have worked for.

Let’s try to be useful.


the work fm

WRWK and that boring old normal that we all miss

WRWK is like so many good ideas that are passed over for the more exciting but passing fads and thrills.
WRWK is not a fad. It is about life as the only unique thing that separates us from the dumb animals, plants, bacteria, rocks and planets that we share our existence with. I mean Dumb in the sense that other animals do not speak. Humans can be very dumb in that they don’t seem to listen or speak rationally. Humans in spite of their larger brains often stay in the emotional section of their brain and only use the reasoning ability to conjure up “reasons” for what they have already done, or want to do, or want to get someone else to do for them.
At WRWK, the work fm we want you to remember what life is about: life; and help find ways to enjoy it, each other and skip the noisy thrill seekers digging holes we will all have to dig our way out of.
Life is a miracle, It should not exist as far as our scientist can figure. So while you’re here, enjoy the miracle, yourself, each other and how clever we can be, but above all, try to be useful.
Stay tuned to WRWK, we will help as we can.

On April 24th WRWK joins Farid Alan Schinscius’ in celebrating his Birthday.

Join us on the 24th 4 to 7 PM

He has dedicated it to WRWK- Progressive Community Radio so this will be a combined event. Alan has been waging Peace since he first encountered unfairness and he has not taken many breaks.

WRWK is humbled by Alan’s example and has pledged to persist just as he has in finding, understanding and sharing solutions in stories of people who have dealt with similar problems in their areas.\

The future will come from learning how to deal with the present. We can’t pretend that things have not changed when change is the only constant in human civilization, Today’s solutions become tomorrows problems after moving us ahead but changing entire game. That’s how progress works.

This video and web-page attempt to explain the present situation we find ourselves in driven by the engines of progress that have grown too big to manage.

Happy Birthday Alan! We can do this!


The WRWK Fundraiser was a success

(Stay tuned for the online auction)

We had a wonderful afternoon.

We brought in 80 to 100 people, signed up 40 to get our newsletter and collected $450.

We had music from Bluegrass to punk and 2 great vocal acts that conveyed powerfull stories in their own songs and a few covers.

We had red, white and blue hot buttered popcorn, a petting zoo, lots of progressive conversations and no divisive politics.

Our theme here at wrwk is to make ourselves useful in our time here, and not get drawn into the schemes that people create to distract and divide us.

The planet was working fine when we got here .

We broke it! We have to fix it!

Really it can be fun, besides, what’s the alternative?

Join us, or Donate via Square to our NonProfit, Synergy Project!




The WRWK Spring fun-fund raiser has begun.

Folks are coming to it, sending donations if they cannot;
donating money, equipment, or just coming to enjoy the company.
Most sentient beings work to change their world, shape it to their needs, make it better and safer for their family and friends.
This is called being human.
Most folks take care of things around them and even extend their care to others. That is where community comes from.
We have nice things and we work to create nice things for our communities, we plant trees we may never sit under, for the next generations.
It’s not always easy and we aren’t always rewarded for helping out but others before us made our way easier and so we pass it on.

Life is a gift, we only get 80 to 100 years here, let’s all try to be useful.

The volunteers at WRWK AKA TheWorkFM spend hours looking for content that helps citizens improve the world they live in.
We do this by bringing out the issues that we need to deal with, in a context so that we can see our role in them;
by telling the stories of folks that are going beyond problems and solutions to create self correcting communities;
By helping to celebrate lots of cool things that humans when they get life right. It’s not about things; It’s about people.
Things people do because they are meaningful.
From good music by musicians that feel their music and aim to tell stories of lives lived by humans doing what humans do, with feeling.
Popcorn, petting zoo, history of WRWK, speaking to volunteers and community members all tell the same story:
We intend to make the world a little better or at least make a good effort, and if you can help us we’ll all get more done.

Thanks for caring,

Join us at WRWK’s Spring Fund Raiser!

Musical Family Friendly Afternoon
Saturday March 4th from 1-5 pm
Bryan Park Bar and Grill
5516 Lakeside Ave. Richmond

Four Musicians, mini-petting Zoo
Beverages and Food available

Meet hosts and producers and volunteers from WRWK and support our Community Radio Station where you might hear yourself, your friends and other folks you’d like to know.

At WRWK, AKA the Work FM we are your media source for Reality Based Facts and News you can Use.

If you are not impressed by learning how to like or dislike things and people you already like or dislike join us to hear about the people who are still asking life’s question, “How can I be Useful” in this moment of noisy decisive politics, dark money and political mischief.

Where we prize being Useful over being Right!

Suggested donation $10 per person but there’s no limit

WRWK January ’23 NewsLetter

TheWorkFM has a new Radio Intern!
Join us in giving a hearty welcome to Larry Witt of Cartersville High School as he learns his way around the studio, mix-boards and various broadcasting procedures and tasks at WRWK.

He is preparing a series on the obesidy epidemic, you’ll hear it soon in weekly installments.

Express Yourself!

Take a brief moment to complete our listener survey –

Note that you can also leave direct feedback in the text box at the bottom of the survey page.

What we’re up to, what’s next

In 2023 WRWK has its work cut out for it. Problems dominate the media when solutions could be the story. The media is a mirror on society. Ideally it educates citizens so they can help their leaders find new answers to ever evolving situations that happen when a species gains mastery over its environment. There is the ever-present dilemma of how to inform listeners without boring them or killing the buying-enjoyment mood so they don’t just change the station.

So how do you get folks to listen to stuff they need to hear like the truth?

As George Bernard Shaw said:

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”

We have no comedy team to present the news a la SNL so we use other devices:

intelligent conversations that inspire intelligent conversations, notes on all the shows in our 6 hour loop so listeners can follow up on anything they heard, shared insights on the human dilemma of being animal and spiritual, tugged at by both. We have a solutions orientation that goes past issues to understand how we created most of them. This is an open invitation to join us to add your voice to the choices.

At WRWK we take our role as a media outlet to mean that we should educate listeners generally and tell the stories of people who, like 90% of our neighbors, want the world to work. Our work at the work FM is to help find the path ahead in a constantly changing world. So, stay with us and we promise you we will do our best to tell you about people and groups and even some countries that are helping the world work and pass it on to their kids.

As our motto says: Let me be useful.

To people whose lives are centered on fear of change, WRWK will make no sense.

If you know people like that, do what you can to embrace them. They need to learn to feel safe with unfamiliar things, the same things their kids will need to understand to find a way forward in a changing world.

People living in fear desperately need you to reject them to keep their fear alive. Connect anyway.

We are all in this together, like it or not.

Politics, the social system that is supposed to find solutions, has been hijacked. Not that politicians or lobbyists are evil, but that in a system where money is unregulated, it will always dominate and citizens will get a back seat – if that.

Still, 2023 is our best year this decade because it is becoming obvious that the idea of abandoning the USA as was suggested by certain parties, is losing steam as the crimes of that collection of people grow and its connections to the Russian regime become more explicit. Like the dog that caught the car, the burn-it-down set doesn’t know how to inspire participation. It will either learn that fire is not enough or their voters will learn that oppositional leaders are not actually leaders. WRWK is non-partisan, but really bad ideas do call for a comment. As citizens of the USA we are party to keeping the USA together. We don’t get lost in words like “socialist” or “capitalist” or “communist” or “woke.”

We know that western civilization is based on civility, that society is based on a trust, that life is based on a supportive environment, breathable air, etc., and that if other living things are dying off, we may be next. Those ideas are the context for our programming choices.

And Donations! you were expecting that, Right? $ Love

Stay tuned for our Spring fundraiser. More info in next week’s edition.

We will have an online auction of donated goods and services, a Work-Athon, our version of a beg-a-thon, and several events. Stay tuned.

If the things we do are important to you, please support us to the degree that you can.

We’ve received donations from $1 to $1,000, RVs, to junk cars, microphones to mix-boards. Our volunteers have ranged from 6-year olds doing voice-overs, to opera singers, from the poor to the well off. They are all people who wanted to make a difference and saw that we could help them tell their stories. To give their ideas voice. Join us to add your voice.

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