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This new website is one element in our drive to step up our game as Chesterfield’s Very Local Very Community Radio station.
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We are just weeks away from the most important midterm election of our lives and we are located in Virginia’s contentious 7th district.
Coincidentally we need new hardware to get the facts and the votes out before The election and then into the new year so send a few bucks our way through this link:  donate to WRWK LP FM
We are already bringing more media to the region:
-We were the only radio station in Virginia to simulcast the debate for 7th district of the US House of Representatives.
-We interviewed the Libertarian candidate for the 7th district and will work his answers into the public recording of the debate for the 7th district candidates.
 and will air that as well as  post to the web.
-We will be airing a debate of the candidates for the Commonwealth Attorney on Monday 10/22/18 from 7pm to 9pm when you can CALL IN TO ASK YOUR QUESTIONS!
 Is there any other station that gives you access like that?
Also we will be watching the polls as best we can with whatever volunteers we can find.

If you know WordPress and have time to help send us an email at info@theworkfm.org and you can join in making it better.

We have pages for the Hosts and their shows with pictures of some of the folks who helped WRWK LP up to this point in time plus blogs for the Loops and for hosts and their shows.

We welcome anyone who can help WRWK LP deliver more and better media to  the Richmond-Chesterfield area by finding missing news and missing sides to old news.  Join us and help us creat the change we need in RVA, Virginia, and on the film of atmosphere that makes it all possible.  Help spread the gratitude.

And you can always donate to help make it happen.  Donate Now!.

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