On April 24th WRWK joins Farid Alan Schinscius’ in celebrating his Birthday.

Join us on the 24th 4 to 7 PM

He has dedicated it to WRWK- Progressive Community Radio so this will be a combined event. Alan has been waging Peace since he first encountered unfairness and he has not taken many breaks.

WRWK is humbled by Alan’s example and has pledged to persist just as he has in finding, understanding and sharing solutions in stories of people who have dealt with similar problems in their areas.\

The future will come from learning how to deal with the present. We can’t pretend that things have not changed when change is the only constant in human civilization, Today’s solutions become tomorrows problems after moving us ahead but changing entire game. That’s how progress works.

This video and web-page attempt to explain the present situation we find ourselves in driven by the engines of progress that have grown too big to manage.


Happy Birthday Alan! We can do this!


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