The WRWK Spring fun-fund raiser has begun.

Folks are coming to it, sending donations if they cannot;
donating money, equipment, or just coming to enjoy the company.
Most sentient beings work to change their world, shape it to their needs, make it better and safer for their family and friends.
This is called being human.
Most folks take care of things around them and even extend their care to others. That is where community comes from.
We have nice things and we work to create nice things for our communities, we plant trees we may never sit under, for the next generations.
It’s not always easy and we aren’t always rewarded for helping out but others before us made our way easier and so we pass it on.

Life is a gift, we only get 80 to 100 years here, let’s all try to be useful.

The volunteers at WRWK AKA TheWorkFM spend hours looking for content that helps citizens improve the world they live in.
We do this by bringing out the issues that we need to deal with, in a context so that we can see our role in them;
by telling the stories of folks that are going beyond problems and solutions to create self correcting communities;
By helping to celebrate lots of cool things that humans when they get life right. It’s not about things; It’s about people.
Things people do because they are meaningful.
From good music by musicians that feel their music and aim to tell stories of lives lived by humans doing what humans do, with feeling.
Popcorn, petting zoo, history of WRWK, speaking to volunteers and community members all tell the same story:
We intend to make the world a little better or at least make a good effort, and if you can help us we’ll all get more done.

Thanks for caring,

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