Locally produced Programming.


  • Alternate Energy with Max (in development)
  • Finding Our Fit with Ally Fisher, every other Thursday at 5 PM
  • Monuments to Who?…. edited by Ron and …. (in development)
  • Open Mic Master Musicians with Roger Koller, TBA
  • Right Here, Right Now! with John Weaver
  • Richmond Business Babes with Lisa Linnell, Thursday at 3 PM
  • Useful People with Hosts Ron, Roger and Sandy, Monday at 6 PM

These are just the current Shows on WRWK, there is plenty of room for Yours and all shows are recorded available in YouTube and Facebook Live

Our Daily Program Loops run whenever there are no live shows or special events being broadcast. Even though the daily loop is not live, you can still register your responses to specific shows or comment on the topics discussed in one of our blogs.

The Daily Program Loop is curated by DJ Stryder Lee from a vast audio collection with an ear for current events, unheard voices, lesser-known heroes & history, detailed & credible reporting interspersed with creative, thought-provoking audio compositions, audio collage and local soundscapes.
TheWorkFM is about alternative ideas, not alternative facts.
Our programming includes news, talk, informational shows, humor and literature read aloud. To stay tuned to the topics and shows that interest you, be sure to check our Daily Program Notes link and the wide array of topics and shows in our daily lineup. Each Daily Program line-up is 6 hours long and begins each day at 12 noon and repeats at 6pm12 midnight and 6am the following day.

Locally Produced Shows on The Work FM

  • Alternate Energy with Max: (in development)

How to Optimize the use of free energy so we don’t trash the place, and we can make a living too.

  • Finding Our Fit with Ally Fisher Thursday at 5 PM


Ally Fisher is the new host but the Foundation goes on helping people Find Their Fit as it did under Founder Susanna Wu-Pong Calvert.

Susanna: No wonder we’re feeling overwhelmed and maybe even stressed and anxious.  Who can make any sense of it?  And even more importantly, what do we do about it?

Finding Our Fit is a program that helps us to make sense of this crazy, beautiful world.  We accept that we can’t know everything.  In fact, we embrace that fact!  

  • Monuments to….. edited by Ron and …. (in development)

Who earns a monument? and why Those Guys?

The history of Richmond, pre and post Civil War Who was celebrated and did it lead to human progress or something else?

  • Open Mic Master Musicians with Roger Koller

  • Right Here! Right Now! with John Weaver

John Weaver is a lifelong counselor and founded the Innovative Counseling Group(ICG). He shares stories of trauma, healing and growth. This is ICG’s mission.

The Innovative Counseling Group seeks to reduce the stigma of mental health treatment as we understand that our mental stability and mental fitness is the core of our overall well-being. Through our person-centered, holistic approach we support our clients with gaining a better understanding of themselves and their underlying issues, and how to implement strategies that increase resilience and improve mental health stability.

Join host Lisa as she meets women owned businesses to learn their stories and how filling social needs can provide meaningful financial independence.
3 to 4 PM Thursday afternoon

Also visit RBB’s own web site at : https://www.richmondbusinessbabes.com/

Useful People Show: People who choose or find themselves in lives of service

See page Useful People

Training New Volunteers at WRWK Studio

For the People | By the People