The Fall of 2023

2023 is the year for change, not that anyone wants change but that we need to change or we’ll destroy the place and each other.

The second world war demonstrated how much damage a few anti-social types in powerful positions can create.

At that time there were reasons for chosing powerful uncaring people. As my dad used to say Hitler was a german solution to run-away inflation. Desparate people do desparate things, and once you get used to collateral damage, genocide is just around the corner.

Humans are social animals, we work well in groups covering for each other in more and more complex ways, one the next thing you know we have created computers, airplanes, medicine, art, websites about almost anything.

Our Mirror Neurons make civilization possible just as our reptilian hindbrain keep us a few bad days away from the next conflict.

No two ways about it, War is out of style, no longer useful. Like the gold rush and the rush to bitcoin, converting or killing for your man-in-the-sky.

Life is about life, we are either helping or we are not. That is how humans need to keep score.

In 20, 30, 40,90 years we will all yield back our physical forms and leave behind only what we have worked for.

Let’s try to be useful.


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