The WRWK Fundraiser was a success

(Stay tuned for the online auction)

We had a wonderful afternoon.

We brought in 80 to 100 people, signed up 40 to get our newsletter and collected $450.

We had music from Bluegrass to punk and 2 great vocal acts that conveyed powerfull stories in their own songs and a few covers.

We had red, white and blue hot buttered popcorn, a petting zoo, lots of progressive conversations and no divisive politics.

Our theme here at wrwk is to make ourselves useful in our time here, and not get drawn into the schemes that people create to distract and divide us.

The planet was working fine when we got here .

We broke it! We have to fix it!

Really it can be fun, besides, what’s the alternative?

Join us, or Donate via Square to our NonProfit, Synergy Project!




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