WRWK and that boring old normal that we all miss

WRWK is like so many good ideas that are passed over for the more exciting but passing fads and thrills.
WRWK is not a fad. It is about life as the only unique thing that separates us from the dumb animals, plants, bacteria, rocks and planets that we share our existence with. I mean Dumb in the sense that other animals do not speak. Humans can be very dumb in that they don’t seem to listen or speak rationally. Humans in spite of their larger brains often stay in the emotional section of their brain and only use the reasoning ability to conjure up “reasons” for what they have already done, or want to do, or want to get someone else to do for them.
At WRWK, the work fm we want you to remember what life is about: life; and help find ways to enjoy it, each other and skip the noisy thrill seekers digging holes we will all have to dig our way out of.
Life is a miracle, It should not exist as far as our scientist can figure. So while you’re here, enjoy the miracle, yourself, each other and how clever we can be, but above all, try to be useful.
Stay tuned to WRWK, we will help as we can.

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