Join us at WRWK’s Spring Fund Raiser!

Musical Family Friendly Afternoon
Saturday March 4th from 1-5 pm
Bryan Park Bar and Grill
5516 Lakeside Ave. Richmond

Four Musicians, mini-petting Zoo
Beverages and Food available

Meet hosts and producers and volunteers from WRWK and support our Community Radio Station where you might hear yourself, your friends and other folks you’d like to know.

At WRWK, AKA the Work FM we are your media source for Reality Based Facts and News you can Use.

If you are not impressed by learning how to like or dislike things and people you already like or dislike join us to hear about the people who are still asking life’s question, “How can I be Useful” in this moment of noisy decisive politics, dark money and political mischief.

Where we prize being Useful over being Right!

Suggested donation $10 per person but there’s no limit

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