Holding Space For Women’s Voices


This is “The Year Of The Woman” (decade probably)…

In WRWK’s first year … thanks largely to the women of the swing vote district of Chesterfield, Virginia …
1) Chesterfield voted to change the party representing them for Governor for the first time since 1961 ! …
2) Chesterfield voted to change the party representing them for US House of Representatives 7th district seat for the first time since 1968 …
3) Chesterfield voted for the FIRST WOMAN EVER for the US House of Representatives 7th district seat … EVER.

4) WRWK went out of our way to be even more nonpartisan than other media and be INCLUSIVE of ALL voices on the ballot by inviting the Libertarian on the ballot for the 7th district of the US House of Representatives to have his responses added back into the debate as if he had been on the ballot.
Thus ensuring as much as possible that women have the fullest information available for who they may elect to represent them.

In an interview with Joe Walton, Libertarian on the ballot, by Stephanie, he stated that the woman running for election, Spanberger, was fine with a full debate. Its the man that was allegedly afraid of the heat in the kitchen! Well, he’s gone now so a new chef is in town to cook up policy proposals.

5) WRWK was the ONLY radio station in all of Virginia to carry in a LIVE REBROADCAST a woman (Spanberger) in a live debate for the US House of Representatives 7th seat …

WRWK since its inception before any of this history was made had decided to hold space for women’s voices.

1) By carrying Famous Women’s Quotes recorded by real women really living around us all as neighbors … authentic voices reading us the inspirations of famous women down through the ages … adding each their unique way of reading their passion and history into each quote …
We air those quotes during the pre-recorded part of the broadcast day when we’re not running a live call-in talk show …

2) Make it a point to prioritize prime-time space for shows hosted by women … currently we have:
MONDAY NIGHTS: Stephanie hosts “In The Frequency Of Hope” from 7pm to 9pm
WEDNESDAY NIGHTS: (alternating) we have H.E.R. “Human Equal Rights” with a focus on HER.
THURSDAYS 11am Lisa hosts “Business Babes” with a side of Statistics for your brainy brunch ! All about local women entrepreneurs.

Naturally there are men’s voices and we seek to talk about subjects that apply to the whole human being that includes the feminine aspects of our existence such as nurturing back the planet that gives us clean air and water to make life possible.
SUNDAYS at 2pm Jay Tubb has “Citizen Voices”

SOON we will have Scott Price analyzing what’s going on at the Virginia General Assembly while its in session starting in January!

SOON … we will have … YOU!

What famous quote will you record for us to air? send us a comment (and a donation to make it all happen!)
What show may you guest-host (maybe just a night or two to try it out?)
What EVENT with WHAT NONPROFIT may you help us rebroadcast live ?
What women would you recommend we add to our board of directors to nominate?

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