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CREATIVE RESISTANCE: The Revolution should be fun

The famous feminist activist Emma Goldman once said “If I can’t dance, I don’t want to be part of your revolution” and though to the dedicated activist that may seem frivolous, there is wisdom in what she said. In the fight for economic, racial and sexual justice some activists can alienate those they wish to convince by giving in to excessive zeal and the righteous indignation that comes with fighting the good fight. Too serious. No humor. Total dedication. No time for joking or play.

While it may be understandable that this occurs, there is wisdom in tempering this overly serious, doctrinaire and sometimes self-righteous approach in order to create a welcoming and hospitable tent, inviting to the undecided and luring those committed to the status quo.

Creative resistance is the key to a durable, adaptable, enjoyable revolution. Not creativity just in dancing and celebrations but also in protest and tactics to resist brutality. The “wall of moms” and the “leaf-blower dads” of the Portland protests are recent examples of creative resistance. On Facebook we can find recommendations for how to resist with balloons of oil paint that obscure the face masks of attacking police and lists of items to bring for safety and fun. Though their use can bring a felony conviction it is ultimately harmless, effective and creative. And then there are the relief tents. Music. Puppets. Chants. Street theater. Creative resistance media. And plenty of dancing. As natural as it is, t will get tiring screaming at police and a playful performance will be more fun and likely more effective. Let’s dance our way through this revolution.

Equal rights amendment Versus second amendment

In the shadow of the passage of the ERA and on MLK day when the Governor promised to sign it the Gun Lobby wants to take front stage at the State Capital. The governor has declared a State of Emergency from 5 PM Friday till 5 PM Tuesday (1/17 to 1/21).

Long term vision versus short term vision. Baby carry versus Open Carry. Which world is it? Is everyone armed and dangerous or are we social? Do we need to flaunt our guns or put them down and signify – ” I have no weapon” by shaking hands?

Is the NRA right? Do we need to renew our “man card” by buying guns and ammo? Will that resolve the Deficit we are leaving our kids? Will that build more schools, roads, hospitals, increase social stability? I may not be watching the right movies or reading the right ads but i think this needs more discussion, without intimidation.

Come down to the Virginia State Capital on MLK day to celebrate with Women of Virginia and show the Second amendment crowd that they are full humans without guns. Pay equity yes, violence equity, no thanks, been there, done that.

Maybe someone can whip out a book for the gun crowd that parallels women’s “Why do I think I’m nothing without a man?” titled something like “Why do I think I’m nothing without a Gun?” If you hang out with people who need to scare everyone just to get by you may be missing out on something.