Equal rights amendment Versus second amendment

In the shadow of the passage of the ERA and on MLK day when the Governor promised to sign it the Gun Lobby wants to take front stage at the State Capital. The governor has declared a State of Emergency from 5 PM Friday till 5 PM Tuesday (1/17 to 1/21).

Long term vision versus short term vision. Baby carry versus Open Carry. Which world is it? Is everyone armed and dangerous or are we social? Do we need to flaunt our guns or put them down and signify – ” I have no weapon” by shaking hands?

Is the NRA right? Do we need to renew our “man card” by buying guns and ammo? Will that resolve the Deficit we are leaving our kids? Will that build more schools, roads, hospitals, increase social stability? I may not be watching the right movies or reading the right ads but i think this needs more discussion, without intimidation.

Come down to the Virginia State Capital on MLK day to celebrate with Women of Virginia and show the Second amendment crowd that they are full humans without guns. Pay equity yes, violence equity, no thanks, been there, done that.

Maybe someone can whip out a book for the gun crowd that parallels women’s “Why do I think I’m nothing without a man?” titled something like “Why do I think I’m nothing without a Gun?” If you hang out with people who need to scare everyone just to get by you may be missing out on something.

Week Two 2020 Virginia General Assembly

There is a lot going on this week with the start of the General Assembly, Richmond flirting with developers over a coliseum, Confederate statues on the march, Pipeline companies desperate to sell “natural gas” overseas, energy companies avoiding solar while keeping their coal interests profitable and leaving us with the ash, and old governors keeping their old deals in place.

In Virginia the whole scene reminds us of the roots of the Old Dominion. But unlike the old days when power came with the whip and beatings, the new Domination comes from paying public officials with campaign cash, jobs and favors.

You fund a governor’s campaign: he’s your man, or mayor, school-board member, supervisor, etc. It’s an influence auction and our taxes are the prize. Yes Our taxes.

No matter which side of the aisle the power is on, the money will seep in and corrupt the democratic process. That means that all citizens will have to keep an eye on their “public servants” to help them avoid temptation.

Here are some sources to help you get up to speed and keep you in the loop.

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