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HUMAN LIFE takeS a back seat to Capital ? What?!!

As the pandemic spreads across the world sparing no nation, economics seems to trump human life (no pun intended).

Capitalism is on trial. The current leadership has held to stripping out, dismissing or ignoring human concerns in favor of a narrow and short term economic gain. We are only beginning to see how foolish and dangerous that is.

In the midst of the CoVid-19 viral pandemic the addiction to short term economic gain floats to the top like scum on a pond. Grabbing fast profits by exploiting a scarcity of supplies during a catastrophe may seem like the American way but it sure doesn’t fit with the values of the “City on a hill” which our leaders are constantly claiming we are. Read it, we’re not.

Back in 2005, in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Naomi Klein wrote an essay introducing the term “disaster capitalism” to our political discussions and awakening us to the cancerous impact of those who attempt to profit from disasters. It all sounds great if you have visions of dollars dancing in your head, but eventually you’ll be on the receiving end of such greed and it may cost you your life or the life of someone you love.

Whether it is the cynical promotion of opioids to profit from addiction or bonus checks paid to CEOs from public bailout money or bank scams or gouging people on the price of toilet paper, hand sanitizer or surgical masks, it all adds up to our most dangerous cancer: GREED.

And if we’re not careful, it will be the death of us all.

Ron S. & Stryder Lee

What a Week and the TRIAL OF DENIAL IS STILL ON!

History is being made these days. Years hence we will look back on these days as times when civilization itself was under threat by uncivilized elements. I am not partisan.

Do leaders get a pass on arm twisting other nations to get help with domestic political campaigns? Either

Everyone does it, get used to it. OR , No one should be doing it.

The political “genius” of current leadership is to own it and thereby recast our political process as totally transactional;

I.E for sale to the highest bidder. This then is where Capitalism reaches into democracy and takes a big bite out of you and me and our desire to have a civil discussion about how we create a way forward. If how we use and share and manage our Planet is reduced to dollars and cents we may not pass on anything worth having to our kids. That’s like pimping the country and it’s taxpayer’s interests.

I want to be around when the transactional senator’s kids are picking out their nursing home. The senators are pointing out all the money they left , what they hadn’t spent already, as the kids consider the compromises made to get it and what a mess it left them. Lots of luck. You may need more than diapers.