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We have found the enemy and he is Us.

attributed to Pogo Possum

The biggest Conspiracy of 2022 is Who is promoting all the conspiracies? Who wants to bring down the great social experiment that is the USA?

It’s not about red vs blue or conservative vs liberal. It’s not even about MAGA versus more grounded citizens.
This conspiracy is all about:
1. the social media (SM) companies that turn cynics and trusting followers into MAGA-bots using carefully designed algorithms that play to and amplify their worst fears.
2. Businesses that create content designed to subvert civility.
3. Groups and individuals who pay to create the confusion that we see.

But Who are the co-conspirators?
Those who cannot compete in a civil society so they have to reduce it to their level?

Kindergarten drop-outs who take civility as weakness?

Anti-social people, the kind of people who profit from disruption and are willing to create it if there is none?

People who play on any fears they find, not to solve them but to gain power?
People who spent their lives deceiving others, passing as important because they had money?
Politicians who have to fan the flames of discord as they lack ideas? Aliens, or worse yet, failed humans?

Just Who is behind this civilization destroying industry?
I’d love to understand the algorithms and who pays to run the incendiary stuff and to know who it’s created for.
That’s a conspiracy worth following.
Stay tuned to TheWorkFM/ wrwk/ 93.9 and we’ll discover it together.
Let’s unravel this conspiracy and reuse this wasted energy to make a sustainable future.
We can do this.

At the end of the day/year/life our purpose here is to be useful, to the system of life that gave rise to us, to each other, to the next generations.

Good luck to us all.


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Here are some studies about the the conspiracy mill/ SM industry :

NPR article





Voting Integrity: The latest pothole to Democracy

Last night on The Frequency of Hope we had a special guest via phone, Jennifer Cohn (twitter handle @jennycohn1), a lawyer and advocate for voting integrity.
Stephanie and I both follow Jennifer on twitter and when Stephanie mentioned that she would add a lot to the show I twittered Jennifer with that request.  Jennifer called in and stayed with us for over an hour discussing the present situations, voting machines in general, their history and what citizens can do to advocate for legit machines.
Here is the link to the show ( fb live 11122018). You can skip to 6 minutes for the actual show, Jennifer called in at 36 minutes.
Jennifer has written and spoken extensively on the voting machines and voting integrity.   Google “Jennifer Cohn” to follow these issues.
Those who practice voter suppression have made and art of it.  It is the last barricade to genuine a true democracy where we include all the “Others”. These “Others” are now tax paying policemen, teachers, stock brokers, university professors and newscasters etc.
To those who have gamed our election and turned politics into a system for peddling influence actual democracy would be”game over” . I say good riddance to them.

We’d love to hear what you think,

UPDATE election coverage as of 3pm – SCHEDULE OF PROGRAMS

7pm to 1am LIVE national progressive election coverage by Amy Goodman with Democracy Now! on 93.9 and our live audio internet bitstream (link below …See More)

>Possible live updates from the Polls if irregularities are reported to us … (watch out for updates if there are!)

> The Brat(R) vs Spanberger(D) vs Joe Walton (Libertarian) debate for the 7th US House seat will air:
7am to 9am on our live audio bitstream (and 93.9)
1pm to 3pm on our live audio bitstream (and 93.9)


Libertarian voice re-incorporated into the debates between Brat vs Spanberger! (audio link below …See More)

Hear the Libertarian Joe Walton for Virginian (the third candidate in the US House of Representatives 7th District running to unseat incumbent Republican David Brat as well as Democrat Abigail Spanberger).

The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce hosted the only debate between Brat and Spanberger on October 15th, 2018 and did not invite the Libertarian to join the debate.

The *only* radio station in Virginia to live simulcast this debate was WRWK 93.9 The Work FM so the Libertarian recorded his responses as if he had been in on the debate with the same rules for length of time for comments.

So in the interests of having as informed a population as possible as the citizens go to the polls – WRWK added the Libertarian voice into the debate!
This is unique to WRWK … PLEASE share it around!

Libertarian voice re-incorporated into the debates between Brat vs Spanberger! (audio link below …See More)Hear the…

Posted by The Work FM on Monday, November 5, 2018

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PS: We also lost our broadcast amplifier so our capacity to power the antenna system has dropped from 300 watts down to 10 watts so our coverage to car radios has just been critically hobbled during these dire times and a vital election!
Please help us upgrade our equipment to be a part of history in a SWING VOTE DISTRICT!
Chesterfield switch the party they voted for the governorship for the FIRST TIME SINCE 1961
And the state of Virginia just decided which party would be in control of the commiittees of the state legislative body, The General Assembly … by ONE VOTE DRAWN FROM A BOWL!
So … every vote has a potential to be a vital vote!
That’s why we’re building 4 community radio stations in 4 swing vote districts.

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Vote Song! (On Her Birthday)!SPECIAL ELECTION COVERAGE UPDATES as of 8am on Election Day!> The Brat(R) vs…

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Elections are so very boring, if you are looking for real, not invented, issues

If it weren’t for all the hate fear and suspicion this election would be boring
because we’ve seen it all before, and it’s not really what people care about: check out this excerpt from a few years back on the eve of the presidential election in 2012:
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….. It’s boring because it’s a huge amount of drama built around a very small conversation. In American politics today, so little can really happen…and conversely, so much can happen over so very little. When the Presidential “Debate Commission” — made up only of Democratic and Republican operatives — took the Presidential Debates out of the hands of the League of Women Voters several years ago, any chance of those debates actually covering a meaningful array of topics, much less a more meaningful array of candidates, went out the window.

I assume the mainstream journalists who’ll be moderating the debates will ask just the right small questions, towing the line of the corporate driven political messaging. I’m sure we’ll all just be sitting at the edge of our seats.

Politics is boring — yet ironically enough, real democracy is exciting. If democracy itself – the real impulses of the American people — actually inspired the political process, then I think we’d get some much more interesting answers because we’d be asking far more interesting questions. The candidates would be asked such things as:

“What is your feeling about the 23.1 percent child poverty rate in the United States — among 35 developed nations of the world, second only to Romania?”

“Why is it that, in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr., “if we give it to the poor we call it a handout, but if we give it to the rich we call it a subsidy?”

“How, if my child doesn’t get a decent education, can I expect that they’ll ever have a chance to attain true prosperity, much less a job at all, in a competitive global economy?”

“Why are we just talking about tax rates— rather than on how little money the average citizen is able to make period, and how little access they have to capital?”

“If college were free, wouldn’t it actually help the economy by producing a more educated work force?”

“Explain to me again why a fire in my house elicits a ‘We’re coming to help you!’ but cancer in my body elicits help only if I can pay for it?”

“How will we ever have peace in the world if we spend so much of our money on waging war and so comparatively little of it on waging peace?”

“What do you think about the fact that the United States has the highest incarceration rate of any nation in the world, or any nation in history?”

Or, “Given that our military defense expenditures, at $700 billion a year, are almost twice that spent by every other nation in the world combined, could it be argued that our defense budget has as much to do with feeding the military-industrial complex as it does with keeping America safe?”

Then the Presidential debates would be more than just the pabulum now being served up to the American people as meaningful political dialogue.

Until then, corporations will continue to define where the political parties can go, and the political parties will define where the debates can go. I hope that in the next chapter of American politics – the one that begins the day after this next election — the people of the United States will say where we want to go.

And democracy, with all its grit and genuine glory, will have a chance.