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We have found the enemy and he is Us.

attributed to Pogo Possum

The biggest Conspiracy of 2022 is Who is promoting all the conspiracies? Who wants to bring down the great social experiment that is the USA?

It’s not about red vs blue or conservative vs liberal. It’s not even about MAGA versus more grounded citizens.
This conspiracy is all about:
1. the social media (SM) companies that turn cynics and trusting followers into MAGA-bots using carefully designed algorithms that play to and amplify their worst fears.
2. Businesses that create content designed to subvert civility.
3. Groups and individuals who pay to create the confusion that we see.

But Who are the co-conspirators?
Those who cannot compete in a civil society so they have to reduce it to their level?

Kindergarten drop-outs who take civility as weakness?

Anti-social people, the kind of people who profit from disruption and are willing to create it if there is none?

People who play on any fears they find, not to solve them but to gain power?
People who spent their lives deceiving others, passing as important because they had money?
Politicians who have to fan the flames of discord as they lack ideas? Aliens, or worse yet, failed humans?

Just Who is behind this civilization destroying industry?
I’d love to understand the algorithms and who pays to run the incendiary stuff and to know who it’s created for.
That’s a conspiracy worth following.
Stay tuned to TheWorkFM/ wrwk/ 93.9 and we’ll discover it together.
Let’s unravel this conspiracy and reuse this wasted energy to make a sustainable future.
We can do this.

At the end of the day/year/life our purpose here is to be useful, to the system of life that gave rise to us, to each other, to the next generations.

Good luck to us all.


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Here are some studies about the the conspiracy mill/ SM industry :

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