UPDATE election coverage as of 3pm – SCHEDULE OF PROGRAMS

7pm to 1am LIVE national progressive election coverage by Amy Goodman with Democracy Now! on 93.9 and our live audio internet bitstream (link below …See More)

>Possible live updates from the Polls if irregularities are reported to us … (watch out for updates if there are!)

> The Brat(R) vs Spanberger(D) vs Joe Walton (Libertarian) debate for the 7th US House seat will air:
7am to 9am on our live audio bitstream (and 93.9)
1pm to 3pm on our live audio bitstream (and 93.9)


Libertarian voice re-incorporated into the debates between Brat vs Spanberger! (audio link below …See More)

Hear the Libertarian Joe Walton for Virginian (the third candidate in the US House of Representatives 7th District running to unseat incumbent Republican David Brat as well as Democrat Abigail Spanberger).

The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce hosted the only debate between Brat and Spanberger on October 15th, 2018 and did not invite the Libertarian to join the debate.

The *only* radio station in Virginia to live simulcast this debate was WRWK 93.9 The Work FM so the Libertarian recorded his responses as if he had been in on the debate with the same rules for length of time for comments.

So in the interests of having as informed a population as possible as the citizens go to the polls – WRWK added the Libertarian voice into the debate!
This is unique to WRWK … PLEASE share it around!

Libertarian voice re-incorporated into the debates between Brat vs Spanberger! (audio link below …See More)Hear the…

Posted by The Work FM on Monday, November 5, 2018

Direct Link to the audio:

And of course we hope you’ll donate to WRWK to enable us to keep simulcasting community events!
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PS: We also lost our broadcast amplifier so our capacity to power the antenna system has dropped from 300 watts down to 10 watts so our coverage to car radios has just been critically hobbled during these dire times and a vital election!
Please help us upgrade our equipment to be a part of history in a SWING VOTE DISTRICT!
Chesterfield switch the party they voted for the governorship for the FIRST TIME SINCE 1961
And the state of Virginia just decided which party would be in control of the commiittees of the state legislative body, The General Assembly … by ONE VOTE DRAWN FROM A BOWL!
So … every vote has a potential to be a vital vote!
That’s why we’re building 4 community radio stations in 4 swing vote districts.

PLEASE SHARE THIS FUN VOTE SONG to all your usual sharing ways …

Vote Song! (On Her Birthday)!SPECIAL ELECTION COVERAGE UPDATES as of 8am on Election Day!> The Brat(R) vs…

Posted by The Work FM on Tuesday, November 6, 2018

(please make sure the status text goes along with it to support the election coverage)



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