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WRWK-fm: What are we trying to do?

The dilemma of the year is business versus the environment. The invented world versus life. Covid19 has exposed our civilization as lacking in the capacity to support, let alone protect, life. Can business and the environment be in balance? This is the question we have to answer.

For example the media is rewarded with ad revenue by keeping its followers upset but watching. Advertisers rake in money by creating insecurities which they sell to . The economy keeps us on edge with high potential returns and celebration of a stock market that few benefit from.

The common denominator at play is a culture that equates asset value with social worth, hides the social costs of high returns, and exploits rather than helps the vulnerable. All signs of a culture at war with itself.

In life we can chose to care for life and the world that makes it possible, or we can pretend to be little gods and consume our corner of it . I see little future in consuming the world within a few generations. I prefer to help find the fit between the created and the creation. That’s us and what we were born into.

I don’t pretend to be God or even know him/her well. Nor do I claim to have a special relationship with anything godlike. Even if I am merely an accident, an unlikely outcome from the big Bang, I am a happy accident and grateful to be here. At The Work FM we are all about finding how we fit into the world how to make it better.

This statement is my opinion and may not reflect the views of WRWK, the staff, volunteers, or the board of directors.

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