Taking the economy back to Main street

Covid-19 got the attention of everyone. It even put commerce on hold, only essential business could operate, only essential transportation, only the elements of our lives that would least increase our risk of catching Covid-19.

That put back in play an idea that had been dismissed in many quarters, that some things are more important than the wall street economy, some things are more important than profit. As a concept, profit itself has no intent but those who make the profits do – and all too often their intent prevails over the majority of folks who do The Work.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has irrefutably demonstrated, this profiteering intent has created vast concentrations of wealth via a failing economic system that is not sustainable. The question for all global citizens in this hour of crisis is “what is our intent, what should it be and how do we make it manifest? How do we make a Worthy Intention real?

Here at TheWorkFM we will be asking that question and discussing the possibilities in a civil and informed exchange. Please join us as we work to make this region a voice in a global conversation about making the world we all want to live in. May this post be followed by lively conversations between you and your neighbors about a future that works, not the one that got us here.

Need motivation? Take a sobering look at the present “enemy”, our challenge and the opportunity it represents see the covid 19 world map, courtesy of Johns-Hopkins University.

Please comment. We are all in this together.
Human Solidarity can save the day.

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