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memorial day: what are we fighting for?

A very special episode of The Frequency of Hope is in store this week!
Our Memorial Day observance will include an interview with retired Marine Mike Broihier, Democratic primary candidate for U.S. Senate in Kentucky. The winner of that primary will challenge the incumbent, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.


What are We Fighting for? Particularly on Memorial Day, let’s look at what we allow or promote in the name of our great country.

Mike is a self-described “outsider” running to represent an historically conservative constituency. We’ll discuss his experiences in the campaign, his evolution as a candidate and find out more about this former schoolteacher, journalist and farmer that has been bucking the system to stay in the race and what it’s like to face entrenched power, even in his own party.

In the second hour, we’ll be joined by former (and possibly future!) candidates from around Virginia and get personal insight into their own campaigns and experiences from the inside out! Tavorise Marks, Elizabeth Alcorn, Katie Sponsler, Al Durante and Montigue Magruder. #communityradio #live #radioactiveRVA

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