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 Equinox Ruminations…                                                                                  
by Lee Carleton 
It seems only yesterday that we announced our August 5th Birthday celebration and now we’re on our way to the beginning of Fall with the Autumnal Equinox on September 22. Yes, time flies but it is good to mark the seasons with you.
Equinox is that time of year when the day and night are the same length, a time of balance and preparation for harvest. May yours be bountiful! 
I may be naturally biased since I’m the programming curator, but even if I weren’t I would listen to WRWK. If you listen regularly, you’ll discover that you will hear certain news stories and facts a week or two before the corporate media features them as “breaking news.” You’ll hear progressive content and notice that neither party escapes a fair critique in our programming.
You’ll also notice that we’re not as “polished” as the big stations, preferring our “flawed” grassroots production and honesty to slick, homogeneous corporate media production.
You may also notice that we at TheWorkFM take our work seriously – but not too seriously. Nobody wants a revolution if you can’t play for fun along the way. 
If you haven’t done so lately, check out our programming notes to see if there isn’t a show or two that grabs your interest and make time to listen. Don’t forget that our 6-hour loop repeats (noon to noon) so if you miss a show or can’t listen at a set time, you can catch one of the show repeats.
And if you find yourself appreciating our unique, rich programming please consider sending us some support whether as a one-time gift or an affordable monthly sustainer amount as low as $5/month.
Don’t forget, just like the big guys, we also take donations of vehicles. We here at TheWorkFM hope you will listen regularly, spread the word and please Donate.   

My Testimonial                                                                                  by Ian Mouer 
I think the best assignment I had was the time that I went to DC the day after the Saint John’s incident where they tear gassed the food vendors and the families congregating outside the gates…
I had Press credentials which allowed me to go to a lot of places that I wouldn’t otherwise allowed and it gave me a perspective that I wouldn’t have otherwise had. It gave me a purpose to be there to bear witness to history to know that I had seen the truth and what the actual environment was like for myself. To say that they were peaceful protesters is almost not enough. It was benign. It was literally families and ice cream trucks that got teargas, not to mention members of the clergy.
I talked to them personally and got their first hand accounts, so when I heard what other media outlets were saying on the national stage I know which ones to put my faith in.
This experience helped me decide who is telling the truth in corporate media, who I can believe in. It reinforced my beliefs but it made them very real and you don’t get that kind of experience sitting on the couch. You gotta get off the sidelines…That’s what I would tell a prospective volunteer looking for an experience at an independent media station like WRWK. That’s my testimonial. 
(our Founder Chris Maxwell was on that same assignment )
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What is news?                                                                                               
by Ron Skinner
 What is news? To an extreme sports fan it’s extreme skydiving, to a parent it’s how schools are doing, to a business owner it’s how the market is doing, to a minister it’s how many souls were saved. What is news, worthy news, depends on what you value, how close it is to you, if you have a role in it or if it will cost you something.
As a small station we’re not out to replace any part of the RVA media.  We just want to raise the bar and provide tools for critical thinking or what I prefer: affirmative inquiry.
When our past president spoke of the “fake media” maybe he meant that he could fake most media out by feeding their love of outrage when they should have been focusing on facts.
At WRWK, TheWorkFM, we look for the stories that are not covered at all, that should be covered and the stories that are covered incorrectly, essentially as political footballs, created to define political positions and drive people to the polls or keep them away but not to solve problems or find solutions.  Most importantly we bring you the Good things that go on every day that lead to social progress and stories of how this great living experiment on human governance, the USA is going.
Profit driven media delivers our attention to advertisers and opinion shapers who will pay well to understand how each ad viewing, product buying, election supporter or denier reaches their decisions. It’s all about money, and managing the narrative. Of course, money can “buy” votes, influence and power but given the growing cynicism and sense of betrayal among voters many have traded their critical thinking skills for scripted emotions for or against people, issues, stereotypes.
In this media noise, conversation, essential to democracy, is often drowned out by chants and taunts led by the well-paid and strident voices of the sensational media and its followers.
This is not cynicism, it is the business model followed by a sensationalist and inflammatory media.
Anyone who thinks that MSNBC or CNN or Fox News make their profits according to how well the USA is working is not paying attention. 
If you want progressive media you have to find it and of course support it. 
So, let’s rescue our attention from the profit seeking corporate media and refocus it on the more informative, rational and inspiring voices of independent media like TheWorkFM. Together we can change the conversation.   You can help by volunteering your services, audio gear, anything of value, or money.
Subscribe to our success as we subscribe to yours.
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