Happy Birthday WRWK/theworkfm 93.9

August is our “birth month” and have these 5 years been interesting!

It’s a good time for presents so to help focus your interest in showering us with gifts we are setting up an on line auction right here on this platform.

You can still make donations through FaceBook via the Contact button that takes you to paypal

Or use this link: WRWK

Or mail is a check to

WRWK,913 Grove Road, unit 8, Midlothian Virginia 23114

We are gathering up gently used items, to be sold via pictures and delivered from the donor’s home to the winner.

In the case of services the provider and winner can arrange times that work best for them to deliver and receive them.

here are a few of the items gathered so far:

items and description

Fibit charge 3 complete with charger and two bands (womans)

2 other sport watches

4 quad drones with wifi and 4g cameras

84 key StudioLogicv vmk176 keyboard

Dry sink with washbowl, marble top antique

27″ mac running Linux Manjaro

Laptops, refurbished running Linux Ubuntu

5 foot opening french door set, 80″ (no picture)

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