WRWK January ’23 NewsLetter

TheWorkFM has a new Radio Intern!
Join us in giving a hearty welcome to Larry Witt of Cartersville High School as he learns his way around the studio, mix-boards and various broadcasting procedures and tasks at WRWK.

He is preparing a series on the obesidy epidemic, you’ll hear it soon in weekly installments.

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What we’re up to, what’s next

In 2023 WRWK has its work cut out for it. Problems dominate the media when solutions could be the story. The media is a mirror on society. Ideally it educates citizens so they can help their leaders find new answers to ever evolving situations that happen when a species gains mastery over its environment. There is the ever-present dilemma of how to inform listeners without boring them or killing the buying-enjoyment mood so they don’t just change the station.

So how do you get folks to listen to stuff they need to hear like the truth?

As George Bernard Shaw said:

“If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you.”

We have no comedy team to present the news a la SNL so we use other devices:

intelligent conversations that inspire intelligent conversations, notes on all the shows in our 6 hour loop so listeners can follow up on anything they heard, shared insights on the human dilemma of being animal and spiritual, tugged at by both. We have a solutions orientation that goes past issues to understand how we created most of them. This is an open invitation to join us to add your voice to the choices.

At WRWK we take our role as a media outlet to mean that we should educate listeners generally and tell the stories of people who, like 90% of our neighbors, want the world to work. Our work at the work FM is to help find the path ahead in a constantly changing world. So, stay with us and we promise you we will do our best to tell you about people and groups and even some countries that are helping the world work and pass it on to their kids.

As our motto says: Let me be useful.

To people whose lives are centered on fear of change, WRWK will make no sense.

If you know people like that, do what you can to embrace them. They need to learn to feel safe with unfamiliar things, the same things their kids will need to understand to find a way forward in a changing world.

People living in fear desperately need you to reject them to keep their fear alive. Connect anyway.

We are all in this together, like it or not.

Politics, the social system that is supposed to find solutions, has been hijacked. Not that politicians or lobbyists are evil, but that in a system where money is unregulated, it will always dominate and citizens will get a back seat – if that.

Still, 2023 is our best year this decade because it is becoming obvious that the idea of abandoning the USA as was suggested by certain parties, is losing steam as the crimes of that collection of people grow and its connections to the Russian regime become more explicit. Like the dog that caught the car, the burn-it-down set doesn’t know how to inspire participation. It will either learn that fire is not enough or their voters will learn that oppositional leaders are not actually leaders. WRWK is non-partisan, but really bad ideas do call for a comment. As citizens of the USA we are party to keeping the USA together. We don’t get lost in words like “socialist” or “capitalist” or “communist” or “woke.”

We know that western civilization is based on civility, that society is based on a trust, that life is based on a supportive environment, breathable air, etc., and that if other living things are dying off, we may be next. Those ideas are the context for our programming choices.

And Donations! you were expecting that, Right? $ Love

Stay tuned for our Spring fundraiser. More info in next week’s edition.

We will have an online auction of donated goods and services, a Work-Athon, our version of a beg-a-thon, and several events. Stay tuned.

If the things we do are important to you, please support us to the degree that you can.

We’ve received donations from $1 to $1,000, RVs, to junk cars, microphones to mix-boards. Our volunteers have ranged from 6-year olds doing voice-overs, to opera singers, from the poor to the well off. They are all people who wanted to make a difference and saw that we could help them tell their stories. To give their ideas voice. Join us to add your voice.

Re: General Assembly is running until

Here’s a tool to find your rep: https://whosmy.virginiageneralassembly.gov/

Here’s a tool to research bills and their progress. https://lis.virginia.gov/000/sab.htm

Here is a tool to up to 5 bills: https://lis.virginia.gov/231/noc/uu292384.HTM

This link will help you Testify on a bill at the G.A.: To Testify

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