500 citizens march to call attention to air, water, human values

Small print: our leaders were not leading them but have been busy doing anything else they could. God I wish I could joke about it, but these guys who sell off our future for their quarterly profits are really Sick!

One thousand plus resident of RVA marched from VCU to the steps of Richmond City Hall to call attention to the discounting of the environment. Their ages ranged from 2 to 80, mostly on the younger side; all concerned that elected leaders and TV cameras and spines were missing. This is what has happened to our democracy. Ignore, paint a pretty picture, throw something exciting and irrelevant at the masses,

Yes it is possible for our leaders to ignore the voices of citizens; for companies that want to avoid public scrutiny to do so, hiding behind State Police, Park Rangers and various Renta-Cops and all the states legal agencies.

It is even worse that the elected/ordained Governor and Attorney General chose to play deaf dumb and mute to all the violations that the fossil fuel fanatics commit in their headlong search for profit on this Unnatural Gas ALL Of WHICH WILL GO OVERSEAS.

Only a band of sociopaths, or company acting as one could pull this off, or a bank that’s over it’s head, or a rich exec that really needs a second Rolls, or a prostitute that just needs one more trick so he can retire. You get the picture. These are organized crime types.

if you think I am being unkind, listen to a 16 year old who will have to live with the trash these criminals leave behind: Greta Speaks

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