What is “the work fm” anyway?

I am asked from time to time what our name means to us and why it was chosen. The Work FM is shorthand for “Let this little FM station help you do your work in the world. Not your 9 to 5, not necessarily what puts food on your table or a roof over your head but the things you do out of love for your family, community, the world you live in where you are not a rock a cat or a squirrel, but a thinking person with a big brain and opposible thumbs who can Enjoy the world and Make It Better.

WRWK- theWorkFM exists to connect the community of people looking to “up their game” in Life, Help them do their Work with our FM, station.

Come by and join us as a Host, Producer, you name it. This is about you, come add to it.

Now how can I fit that on a bumper sticker?

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