house and senate shoot down northam

In a one hour meeting today the Special Session shot down any hopes for free thought in Virginia on Guns and public health, guns and sanity, guns and responsibility, Guns are a Zieg Heil subject. Not a good sign for a thinking people. After 5,000 years of recorded human history the bullies have the baton and are running backwards as fast as they can. Luckily, history doesn’t work that way and they will soon revisit all the problems we have been trying to solve since WWII using shared benefit models.

Ok, we have to get this voting thing sorted out so people use it no matter how they feel about anything.

Just as Hitler used the despair of a democratic nation to turn “national-socialism” into Fascism, fear-mongers try to tell us that the fear they generate and focus on is why we need to be afraid. That’s like a person telling you it’s raining when they are pissing in your face. Some will fall for it. Violence is a great short term solution in pinch, but no good long term.

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