the work web site upgrade!

Please look around the new and improved website and tell me what I need to add.

There are pages for each host, a new page for the program notes, and other updates.

I am also starting an archive of past shows and i’d like to get some conversations going on what we do now and what we can expand into. Sky is the limit. The local media is only trying to make money, we have much loftier goals. We want to bring you the better parts of your world so we can grow them and leave the crap to the dustbin.

If there are any news worthy stories that are not getting 3D coverage in the media, let us know.

Fake media only works with fake thinkers. we are more interested in issues that are missing vital parts to help thinking people make sense of them.

The two 42 inch fracked gas pipelines tearing through Virginia headed for ports on the coast claiming Eminent Domain rights to land for their greedy owners is good example. NPR, and the RTD treat them like nimby (not in my back yard) issues. I wouldn’t want that scam to steal anyone’s back yard. And then there’s fracking, Vice Cheney’s gift to the global trashing/warming. There are lots of issues that need more daylight big and small.

So let us know about issues you see that are not getting good coverage and we will do what we can to give them some more daylight.

Of course we prefer good news. The stuff that makes the world go round, when here are no creeps trying to corrupt it.

Send us all the good news about communities, neighborhoods working to create the kind of place you want to live.

That is how we can help build community.


Ron/programming wrwk lp fm

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