7th Congressional District Discussion LIVE with Libertarian candidate comments

Right now WRWK 93.9 The Work FM is hosting a discussion of the election featuring the answers that the Libertarian Joe Walton gave to us as if he had been up on the stage!

WRWK was told that David Brat refused to go on stage and debate if the Libertarian was included in the debate!!

So we asked Joe Walton, Libertarian Candidate for the US Congressional 7th district to make the statements following the same rules as were given for Dave Brat and Abigail Spanberger during the debate as if he had been there!

So you can hear his opening statements, answers to 10 questions and closing statements!

YOU CAN CALL IN WITH YOUR THOUGHTS AS WELL during the live recording of this show at 804-464-1089

Citizen Voices

Discussion of Tuesdays Election, with audio from the Spanberger-Brat debate with a Libertarian response by Joe Walton, commentary by Scott Berger and Jay Tubb

Posted by The Work FM on Sunday, November 4, 2018

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