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  1. Thank You for having me on today’s show I enjoyed conversing with you
    Thanks to Barbara Speas for jumping in and contributing. The opportunity to inform the listening public to our plight and the threat Cumberland’s MEGA MULTI STATE LANDFILL presents to the James River and the Bay is appreciated.

  2. Just found your program today with Neal and others fighting these horrible oil and gas corporate bullies. Just want you to know, I live 0.2 mile from the new, 42 inch pipeline they are wanting to put in. They ARE working out of sight, but still are not crossing 19 or the creek. Yet. I hope they go into serious debt with all the lawsuits…they do not care what they are doing…it is just a job. I have photos of the state route 19 South of Falls Run and North of Falls Mills. It is horrible. These huge trucks carrying HEAVY equipment have such difficulties making these tight turns and the VIBRATIONS from their loads are literally crushing the road edges., Then over a hill straight down. if you do not give the berm a wide clearance. What I want to know is how they can legally demolish our roads, tear up our vehicles, and do NOTHING! If the courts do not exhibit justice against Trump’s policies, there will be a civil war in this country. People are tired of having their rights and privileges abused…this is purely GREED! Thanks for your programs…Will be supporting you on a monthly basis. Don’t have a lot of money, but maybe it will help. Again thanks for bringing this to the public’s attention. We need more EXPOSURE for what these criminals are trying to perpetrate on innocent, retired seniors who live here. Good luck with your radio show…and Thanks again. Well done!

  3. Thanks Rose I will pass this on to Jay Tubb who does the Citizen’s Voices show.
    Corruption runs very deep anywhere fossil fuel is involved. We need to figure out a way to free the Governor and others in government from the Fossil Fuel Crime Syndicate. What do you think it will take?

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