TheWorkFM @ Voting Rights March in DC

Our intrepid correspondents Max & Ian on the scene in DC
are just a two of the many good reasons to support WRWK TheWorkFM, your local, non-commercial, non-corporate radio station. Along with our progressive news, talk and local music format, WRWK offers live on the scene reporting from marches and board meetings, as well as interviews with local activists and politicians. No spin. No commercials. No alternative facts. Just relevant fact-based reporting and discussion. Become a supporter today – you can start with a single donation or pledge as little as $5 per month. Just click on the “donate” button – thanks!

Founding member of TheWorkFM Christopher “Max” Maxwell
Super Trouper “Sir” Ian Mour reporter on the scene
Activists coalescing….
Max in the press booth.

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