What does rva need?

A Better Day - OFP

RVA is full of communities of people and institution on the move, some for profit, others just because they are fun to do or share like parks and gardens.
But RVA has been around for a long time and RVA is also the buildings, streets, institutions, bank accounts, jobs, buses, etc.
The RVA experience is what it is like to live in the region.
Statues come and go but the economy carries us all forward and that is the part that people who live in RVA need to manage.
Our work at “the work FM” is to help make RVA a place folks want to move to, raise their kids in, live their lives in.

What community groups do you want to celebrate?
What do you think we need more of in RVA?

Urban Studies Professionals and Amateurs join us in helping shape the conversations that will help us guide political leaders toward our collective goals and away from the opportunistic patterns of the past.

In the “Local Shows” item on the Menu you can see shows by community members already involved in RVA adding their insight to the conversation that moves us forward, as well as shows that have come and gone with life’s changes or the epidemic.

Please send us a note at info@theworkfm.org

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