support theworkfm

This page is dedicated to the fundraising and community support past present and future.

And remember, this support includes money, materials and labor.

Money allows us to pay bills, but supporters have also bought antenna parts or, provided electrical and plumbing work. Most of our equipment was donated by volunteers and last year we used group funding to buy a new transmitter. And we’ve also had various technical and community experts donate their time and effort to help us grow.

In our first year of operation one incredible supporter, also a host, donated an RV, which Max and I fixed and sold for one month’s bills. If you have something of value that you don’t need, donate it to us and we will turn it into programming.

We just finished our August birthday month matching grant fund raiser which netted $1,481 and we are holding a Fundraising and Local Music Showcase event on the 26th of this month at Rick’s Rock Cafe, 1500 Eastridge Road.

Equally important, we are expanding our technical ability to attend and deliver to you events in and around RVA that shape day to day life.

TheWorkFM is committed to delivering honest, non-corporate news and a diversity of voices and perspectives to our RVA listeners. If you’d like to support this mission, we promise to use every penny of it to do just that.

Email us at or you can donate on this website or on our Facebook page. You can be empowered to make a difference by helping us to make a difference.

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