The Origin of WRWK.

WRWK had its start in August.

Refitting the Mast with a “new” antenna base. Max (Christopher Maxwell) and Alan Schintzius in the lift

It started much earlier in the heads of many individuals across Virginia and across time. It started with individuals who wanted to sponsor more and better conversations with each other.

That is how collective intelligence solves problems in a democracy as “things change” or are changed by some person or policy. We provide the intelligent conversation, you find the answers. In the year 2000 congress created the Low Power FM (LPFM) category of non-commercial station. An LPFM is run by a non-profit, in our case that is Synergy Project, Inc.

We are an all-volunteer, progressive community radio station. You can support us by volunteering, donating commercial audio gear or by making one time or monthly donations. You can also donate cars, trucks, airplanes, we received an RV once that we repaired and sold for almost $1,000.
If you like what we are doing, join us, donate, volunteer, listen, and offer feedback. We are here to help build your community, tell us what you need, or show us.

This link will take you to our paypal portal

Or you can send a check to
913 Grove Road, unit 8, Midlothian Virginia 23114

Replacing the Antenna. (Ron or Max up a hunter’s ladder strapped to the Pole)


Don’t hesitate to reach out.

For the People | By the People