Bridging Communities in RVA

WRWK LP FM Building Bridges

This page is dedicated to the countless people and groups that create the RVA community.

Community Radio new is about building community. Much of the structure has been created already over the years this community has been growing. Not all of it serves us that well.

Parts of the built structure of Richmond housed rejected elements of civilization that were kept alive by people who profited by them and bought social “permission” by aligning with political leaders and against unpopular elements.

Others use their media to entertain and distract from realities. These uses have their value, and we hope listeners don’t fall asleep learning about issues from our generally more thorough discussions.

We are the positive news place so we will spend our resources on news items and folks that seem to have good ideas and create good outcomes.

Eventually I’d like to create a yardstick to measure how entities in RVA measure up when it comes to building RVA. Sometimes it seems like there is a hole in our bucket where lots of good energy leaks out or ends up missing but that is for another day when community building collides with ideas that will keep us dumb and poor.

We already have shows on Women in business Richmond Business Babes that airs 3 to 4 PM on Thursday.

Women Seeking Equal Standing under the Law

i am working on a show for non-profits run by women, as many are but really there are too many to list.

I just want to call listener attention to the many resources in the area so you can support them or maybe even create one in your area.

Community gardens, parks that have been improved or created by local groups, and other non-traditional entities that offer new ways to address needs like bringing healthy food to fast-food zones, safe community sites to any area that needs them, tutoring youth, etc.

And all these things are done primarily just because they are fun to do, to use and to look back on. It’s great if the community can also make some economic gain from it.

So submit your list of groups, ideas or people who are building community as well as your ideas for creating a measure so we can help existing entities get better at supporting communities they are a part of.

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